10 websites to help  Nigerian Students in Diaspora
by Cynthia   on MON, APRIL 23, 2012
  Being a foreign student is not an easy task. Some Nigerian students are lucky if they have relatives abroad they can stay with to offer them guidance. Others are thrust right in the midd
 Nigerian Diaspora|Tips for Building a House in Nigeria
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on FRI, DECEMBER 9, 2011
For most Nigerians abroad, knowledge about the Nigerian real estate  market is scarce and most people often make the wrong decisions when it comes to investing in Nigerian real estate market.
All about Nigeria|3 Business Ideas  to start in Nigeria today
by Shikenan Staff Writer: Abimbola Kuti   on TUE, DECEMBER 6, 2011
For decades now, the image of Nigeria has been battered by the news of advanced fee fraud (also known as 419), money laundry and corruption, you know the email about the lost rich uncle that died a
Traveling to Nigeria| How to avoid Excess baggae fee
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on THU, NOVEMBER 10, 2011
Travelling to Nigeria is a very fun and worthwhile experience. Whether you are going for a nice mini  vacation or  to take care of some business, travelling to Nigeria  is just a nic
Thinking About Fish Farming in Nigeria
by Shikenan Staff Writer: Abimbola Kuti   on FRI, AUGUST 19, 2011
Fish farming has recently become a thriving business through which many people are making a living in Nigeria. Not surprisingly, it has attracted many investors. Below is a how-to exposé whi

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