Nigerians in Diaspora tips on Starting a Recharge Voucher Business in Nigeria while living Abroad.
by Shikenan Staff Writer: Abimbola Kuti   on MON, APRIL 30, 2012
If you are a Nigerian abroad looking for a business to invest in back home, then the recharge voucher printing business might be the one for you. However, since you will not be in Nigeria, you will
All about Nigeria|3 Business Ideas  to start in Nigeria today
by Shikenan Staff Writer: Abimbola Kuti   on TUE, DECEMBER 6, 2011
For decades now, the image of Nigeria has been battered by the news of advanced fee fraud (also known as 419), money laundry and corruption, you know the email about the lost rich uncle that died a
Traffic Jam in Lagos and Its Impact on Business
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on TUE, NOVEMBER 15, 2011
For a business man, one of the major obstacles to the growth of business is traffic jam. Can you just imagine a supplier who is supposed to deliver lunch packs to a company by 12:00 noon at Vi
Parks and Garden: Business Opportunities in Abuja, Nigeria
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on MON, NOVEMBER 14, 2011
One noticeable feature as you step in Abuja is its attractive number of parks that portend a great business opportunities for business-minded Nigerians. Some of the parks and their potential b
How to Set Up a Digital Photo Lab in Kaduna- Part 2
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on SUN, NOVEMBER 13, 2011
  Digital photo lab is a very lucrative business IF only you know how to handle it properly. One good reason why setting up a digital photo lab in Kaduna sounds great is because there

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