Nigerian Diaspora|Tips for Building a House in Nigeria
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on FRI, DECEMBER 9, 2011
For most Nigerians abroad, knowledge about the Nigerian real estate  market is scarce and most people often make the wrong decisions when it comes to investing in Nigerian real estate market.
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on TUE, NOVEMBER 15, 2011
Getting a dream home is certainly the desire of every human being most especially by people who already have a family of their own. But, while you are still single or perhaps still planning to get
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on SUN, SEPTEMBER 25, 2011
Buying a home in Nigeria nowadays is becoming more and more difficult; one needs to be wary of swindlers and carefully choose from whom they want to buy. Below are the important steps for buying a
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on FRI, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
Do you have real estate in Nigeria that you want to sell? Are you abroad and thinking of coming back in Nigeria just to sell your land?  Are you asking yourself “Do I have to travel to N
by Shikenan Staff Writer   on FRI, SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
For most Nigerians abroad building a house in Nigeria comes with its  challenges. However, finding someone to manage the property while you are abroad is even more challenging. The challe

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