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As Nigerians living abroad, we are faced with numerous challenges such as our financial responsibility to our relatives back home. We worry about our kids growing up without embracing and understanding our culture. We want to create a little bit of home whenever and wherever we can.

At, we understand and provide just that — resources to help Nigerians abroad thrive. From helping new Nigerian Immigrants get settled abroad to providing the latest business and real estate opportunities in Nigeria, provides it all!  Our site is full of "how-to" advice to help Nigerians abroad deal with the unique challenges of being a Nigerian living in another country. Every day, we are connecting  Nigerians abroad to one another while also providing them with the information they need.

Whatever stage you are at in this journey abroad, we hope you can find articles on that will inspire you to finally build that house in Nigeria or start a new business back home. We hope you can learn from or share your experiences about the unique challenges you’ve faced with other Nigerians abroad.

To make the experience better, we want to hear from all of you. Send us your contributions—be it experiences, pointers, or questions—so we can all benefit from each other as a community.

We can keep our culture alive and find the key to balance both our worlds!

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