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If you are a business owner looking to reach the growing population of Nigerian immigrants living abroad, you have come to the right place. Our recently launched website,, has fast become the go-to online destination for Nigerian emigres, expats, and travelers, making it an ideal place for advertisers to communicate with Nigerian immigrants.
If your business is trying to reach Nigerians living abroad, or if you have a business or event that caters to the Nigerian community, look no further than for your online advertising needs. We want to share our web traffic with you. We will work with you to craft a strategic and thoughtful message that will be sure to reach your target audience and drive new customers to your business.
Not quite sure what you want to say or how you want say it? Don't worry, we can help you dream up the perfect messaging for reaching Nigerians living abroad.

Our site offers a variety of ways to get your products and services in front of curious Nigerian eyes...
  • On the main home page, we have two large banners to the right available for ad space.
  • We have room for an ad at the bottom of each one of our articles.
  • We can also include your listing in our weekly newsletter, which is sent out to all of our readers.
  • We can even include your business flyers when shipping products to our Shikenan African shop customers.

We have a smart and capable team that is easy to work with and friendly to talk to. So give us a call and we will work with you to create a customized advertising package that fits all your needs, earns you visibility within the Nigerian community, and brings in the business you are looking for.


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