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Parks and Garden: Business Opportunities in Abuja, Nigeria

One noticeable feature as you step in Abuja is its attractive number of parks that portend a great business opportunities for business-minded Nigerians. Some of the parks and their potential business opportunities are given below.

CITY FUNFLEX PARK- This Park is located opposite the popular sky memorial plaza in Wuse, Zone 6 and it occupies a wide portion of land. Because of the parks expansion, there is a great opportunity for event management outlet to organize wedding receptions, social meeting and/or religious activities.


DEEPER LIFE JUNCTION GARDEN- This is located at the “T” junction connecting the road to Wuse Nyanya/Maraba and Garki in Abuja. This is another place for business opportunities in parks in Abuja, Nigeria since it is located in one of the busiest roads in Abuja.

A new dimension to this garden can be added by:

     1. Introducing a restaurant with good packaging such as lights and music to draw people’s attention.
    2. Introduction of sports like table tennis, snooker and fun-like games to ease people’s stress on this road.
    3. Mechanic shop and vehicle toeing services are also essential because car crash is very common.
    4. Cold water and other refreshing drinks can also be sold here.

WUSE PARK AND GARDEN- is sited directly in front of Wuse market in Abuja and is inarguably the most patronized garden in Abuja. Currently, Wuse Park and Garden has a small recording studio and have only restaurant services selling drinks and soya. 

Photography Studio- Since thee is no photography services as of now, photography studio in this park would be a great business for you to venture on. A lot of people would love to have photos from professional photographers

Hair dressing salon- due to the constraint of time people in Abuja face, going to salon for a simple haircut may sound too time-consuming and even if there is enough time to go to a salon  after work, most of these hair dressing salons are already closed. It is therefore wise to build your own salon in Wuse Park and Garden where people can go while having their good times with friends around the park.

There are other several parks located close to each other providing great business opportunities explained above.

AREA THREE GARDEN/PARK- There are three parks and gardens around this vicinity which includes Garden 1702, Asset Garden and a vast empty land directly in front of the school that can be explored for brief business. These gardens are closely located to University of Abuja Distance Learning Centre Area 3 Abuja making it more advantageous for business.

ICT Centre- Since most customers are students from the University of Abuja, an ICT centre would be a very good establishment to build as it will serve as the place for research, spiral binding and typesetting business for projects and assignments.

Library – A library would also be a very good business since it does not need to be a big one for a start. You could start up with basic books for the departments in the school. With this, you do not need a big capital at all.

Restaurant / Mini Bar – A common trend with Nigerian students is that they like “hanging out” within this park. Since there are only few local food restaurant outlets in the area, a well organized restaurant / bar would pull more crowds.  




Below are the things that you should know if you want to start a business in any of the Parks and Gardens in Abuja, Nigeria according to Mr. Chika of the Department of Parks and Gardens Abuja Metropolitan Management Council located behind W U Bassey Barracks Asokoro Abuja:


1.  Two copies of Application to the Director Department of Parks and Gardens Abuja Metropolitan Management Council Asokoro Abuja. One Copy should be Original and the other is a photocopy.

2.  A fee of N525, 000 or less depending on the area and size of land in the Garden to be occupied would be paid per Annum when the request of rent of a portion of the Garden has been granted. This money is payable to Abuja Parks and recreation Office.

3.   Sales Alcoholic drinks and Tobaccos are not accepted same as political and radical meetings.


There are numerous Gardens located in almost every district of Abuja. The abovementioned are eventful every day and welcomes permanent business, however other Parks and Gardens in Abuja like Millennium Park and Olive Garden in Maitama Abuja as well as Wonderland park becomes busy mostly only during festive periods and public Holidays. Your choice of park to invest in is dependent on your business plans as Abuja remains a fertile ground for business

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