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10 websites to help  Nigerian Students in Diaspora


Being a foreign student is not an easy task. Some Nigerian students are lucky if they have relatives abroad they can stay with to offer them guidance. Others are thrust right in the middle of it all, not understanding where to start and who to turn to for help. The only thing they do know is that they must enroll in school and maintain a certain amount of credit in order to stay legal in the country. Fortunately, there is little bit of help available to foreign students. This help comes in the form of advice, scholarships, insurance coverage, and travel grants among other services.


Below are 10 websites which are solely dedicated to providing services or information to foreign students.

    This part of the website is solely dedicated to the new Nigerian immigrants ( JJC) who are sometimes students. You will find step-by-step information on beginning the journey abroad, with resources on how to start the immigration process or how to transfer credits from Nigerian universities to information on Nigerian associations and organizations to join. More importantly there is a list of scholarships that do not require you to have a Green Card or be a U.S Citizen to apply.

    This is an online community for international students studying in the United States. According to the Website “it helps students survive, and thrive as students in America”. New students can post questions on how to live abroad and how to balance education and work among other aspects of life. Some of the services offered by abroad planet are
    • Scholarship programs
    •  Financial aid services
    • International student loans
    • Facilitating exchange student program

    International student was established to aid international students settle into their studies in a comfortable manner. Towards this endeavor, international student offers resources, information, services, and essential products to students. Some other services that are provided by this website include
    • advice on student loans,
    • scholarships
    • Student health insurance.
    •   International Sim cards options
    • Advice on, how to earn wages while studying in the United states
    •  International student discount cards
    • Study advice centers

    NAFSA provides financial assistance for undergraduate international students particularly to students on non-immigrant visas such as F-1, and J-1 among others. NAFSA has nearly 10,000 members making it the world largest non-profit organization that is primary dedicated to international education. Some of the fundamentals that drive NAFSA include
    • Establishment of a mutual understanding among nations
    • Preparing the next generation with adequate skills
    • Creating a more favorable world.
      Yearly, NAFSA organizes an annual conference and expo that attracts over 7,000 participants from over 120 countries in the world. By joining NAFSA, an international student can benefit in the following ways:
    • Advice on study, internship programs, and volunteer work.
    •  Professional development opportunities.
    •  Outreach programs
    • Facilitating admission to colleges and universities
    • Training and network opportunities to students.

    International student loans are owned by Envisage International Corporation. Other services provided by the corporation include
    • International scholarships
    • Monthly newsletters
    • International health insurance

    USA study guide equips potential students with
    • Relevant education on Universities, colleges, available in the United States.
    •  Information on, why you should study in the United States, the United States educational system, Life in the United States, and the financing options available.
    •  The United states education system
    •  International students admission
    • United states immigration policies
    • Life in the United states

    This institute collaborates with governments, financial institutions, foundations, and sponsors to train students, professionals and educators from all sectors. The flagships of are the Fulbright and the Gilman scholarship programs given by the United States department of State.
    • The core mission and values of this organization is to peace and posterity around the world on the basis of an increased capacity of people to think and work in an intercultural and global basis.

    This website targets international students who want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional education in the United States. Information is also available to aid students who are already studying in the United States. This guide has up to date information on all the things an international student need to know to facilitate a smooth learning process. Some of the services provided include
    • Assistance in college admission
    •  Scholarship programs
    • Advise on  studying and living in the United states

    This website offers comprehensive resources to students who want to study in the United States. Information on colleges, community colleges, universities, graduate schools, online colleges, and school districts is provided. Information on
    • Specific programs
    •  Scholarships
    •  Campus life
    • City life

  10. http://www.educationusa
    EducationUSA is a global network of approximately 400 centers that is supported by the Bureau of Educational and cultural affairs a branch of the department of state. According to the website, it provides “comprehensive, unbiased, objective and timely information on educational institutions across the united states”.  Millions of students around the world learn on the education opportunities available in the United stated through EducationUSA.

  11. Bonus  website http://www.zinternationalstudent
    Zinternational student is dedicated to offering health care benefits to international students. Insurance coverage covers the cost of
    • Hospitalization
    •  Prescription drugs,
    •  Doctor visit
    • Medical evacuations.
    • These plans are tailored to fit into tight student budgets. Optional coverage is also available at premium rates.

  12. Bonus  websiteNational African students’ Association
    Their mission is stated as “empowering African student groups to effect the change we in Africa. United, we can achieve great success….”
    There is a membership and an annual conference which is planned each year.What is actually important about an organization like this is the people you get to meet when you join. You never know who has the opportunity or the knowledge you might be looking for.


Life as a foreign student abroad is not easy. But sometimes there are opportunities that are missed because of lack of knowledge or just meeting the right person. Hopefully you were able to find some of these websites useful.

Now it is your turn, tell us below if there are other websites that are helpful to international students that we might have missed.



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