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How to Get an International Driving License in Lagos, Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian traveling outside the country and you wish to drive abroad, you would need to obtain an International Driver’s license, also known as the International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP is a document that allows an individual to drive a private vehicle in another country; it is slightly larger than a standard passport and it is complete with one’s photographs and other statistical data.


Ideally, before you can get a driver’s license in Nigeria, you would have to take some driving tests for the issuing authority to make sure that you really know how to drive before handing your international license. BUT this is Nigeria, and being a local can be beneficial with regards to getting an International Driving license that can be readily used abroad.

The Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) is empowered by the local Government of Nigeria to issue International Driving Permit. The good thing about this is that you can acquire your own International Driving License in Lagos, Nigeria without going home. This is known as non-appearance issuance. All you need to do is connect with any of your friends or relatives back in Nigeria and send them the necessary documents and in no time, your International Driver’s license will be on your own hands. BUT bear in mind that you will need to send cash when sending the requiremant as payment for the license itself and expect to send ADDITONAL CASH to pay the authorities since you will not be required to show up as you wished. Please note that you MUST also have your local driving license issued by the Nigerian Government first before you can get your International Permit.


You can request for an International Driving license in Lagos, Nigeria that is good for one year to three years. Just be reminded that you will have to pay more if you want to have the expiration longer than a year.


(1) One year License - USD 39.99
(2) Two year - USD 54.99
(3) Three year - USD 69.99


2 Passport sized colored photographs and a scanned copy of your signature.
Duration of the Issuance:  It takes 2 to 3 working days before the IDP is issued in Nigeria.

Additional Information:

Having an IDP is a great advantage when you are working overseas as it can help you find a job as a Professional Driver or simply use it for personal convenience.

If you want to get an International Driving license in Nigeria, you can call:

Agent's Name: Ayeni Lookman
Tel. No.  08038051832

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