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 Nigerian Diaspora| What to Know when planing your wedding in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Many Nigerians go back home to have their weddings. In Port Harcourt, Nigeria, weddings are held on a weekly basis. If you plan on returning home to have your wedding, here are some things to keep in mind. Although, some the prices quoted here were obtained in Port Harcourt, Nigeria this can give some general idea about prices.

There are many event halls to choose from in Port Harcourt. Some examples are:
• Lemaco Hall located at Ada George
• Shalom Event Hall at D-line
• Cottage Event Hall at Abacha Road
• Insomnia at GRA, phase II
• D-plaza at D-line
• Grand Hotel at Mile 2.

 Renting an event hall in Port Harcourt can cost about a minimum of N60, 000. For a more sophisticated hall with air conditioners and freezers for drinks, the price starts at N150, 000. If interested in Lemaco Halls in Port Harcourt please contact Mrs. Uche far in advance, as some halls can be fully booked for three months, especially during festive periods.

The cost of decorating the hall you have chosen for your reception venue varies and can start at about N100, 000 depending on the type of set up you want. This includes chairs and table covers, table centerpieces, and decoration of the cake table. If you choose something simple, you might be able to get the price down to N80, 000. After all, this is Nigeria where everything is negotiable.

The cost of your invitations depends on the type and design of the cards you choose. A simple, good looking invitation will cost about N15, 000 for 200 cards.

Instead of buying a wedding gown and suit for your wedding, it is now common practice in Nigeria to rent wedding gowns and suits. It is still advisable to buy the other accessories, such as the tiara, jewelry, shoes and bags, because they are more affordable and can be reused (unlike the wedding gown). Below are some quoted prices for renting and buying a wedding gown, groom’s and ring bearer’s suits and little bride’s gown.

Cost of renting and buying wedding apparel:
Description                      Rental Cost      Purchase Cost
Wedding gown                 N50,000              N150,000
Little bride’s gown            N15,000             N50,000
Groom’s suit                     N55,000              N200,000
Ring bearer’s suit             N10,000              N55,000
The prices of food also vary depending on how decadent you want your food to be. Mrs. Nonye Agoha of Blenny Coutour says that food for occasions is billed per plate in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A plate of food can cost between N500 and N800. You can also add small chops to your wedding for N100 to N120 a piece.

Drinks are usually sold in crates or packs at consistent prices, and are generally the same at every vendor.

A simple three-layer wedding cake will start at N35,000. A cheaper option is to make the bottom layer the actual cake, and make the top two tiers dummies covered in icing. This way, you still get the look of a beautiful three layer cake, without paying the higher price.

When planning your wedding in Port Harcourt, Nigeria you can think of many creative ways to reduce costs. For example, instead of hiring a photographer, you can ask your cousin who likes to take pictures to photograph your special day. Instead of hiring a camera man, you can have a friend use your camcorder to record the event.

Also, you may simply choose a color theme rather than putting materials (aso ebi) out for sale. This way, you won’t have to worry about buying and distributing the clothes and late payments.

Another way to reduce costs is to make all of your arrangements at one location. Instead of having your cake, food, and hall decorations made by separate venues, you can have one agency handle all of these tasks. In Port Harcourt, it is very easy to find businesses that combine all of these.

Plan well ahead of time! Start talking to those that will be working with you months before the big day to ensure that you will have a smooth wedding.

Be sure to be safe when visiting Nigeria and also check out the festivals in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Have you planned a wedding or another big event in Port Harcourt, Nigeria? Have any more suggestions? Please share your experiences with us below!


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