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Tips on where to live in Lagos, Nigeria

For so many years, Lagos has become the financial hub of Nigeria. People do not live here in Lagos just because they work here; they are here in Lagos because their families are deep-rooted in Lagos, Nigeria.

For someone who wants to work and stay in Lagos, accommodation is a very important thing. Below are the things that you need to mull over when looking for a place to stay in Lagos Nigeria.

  • Your work location will ultimately determine where you will stay, so the first thing you need to inquire is the closest area of housing from your working place.
  • How close or how far is it from the highway? This will help especially if you do not own a car. Living close to the main road will certainly make activities easier.
  • Are there any social amenities like street light and portable water in such area?
  • What is the average cost of accommodation? Is it reasonably priced? Can you afford it? How much you have in your pocket will dictate the type of accommodation you will get.
  • What is the level of security in this area? What is the rate of robbery in such area?
  • What is the rate of flood during the rainy season? Will it affect your activities of daily living during a heavy rain?


  • Surelere - Aside from being close to the Island, most apartment in the area ranges from two to four bedroom flats. Almost all the roads in Surulere are tarred. One of the most alluring factors of Surulere is its security; robbery incidents rarely occur. Although not all the areas have access to the water supply by the Lagos State Water Corporation, most of the houses have bore hole. 
  • The average price for an accommodation is between N250, 000 and N300, 000 per annum. Almost all of the owners are asking for at least two years deposit.

Ikoyi, Lagos:

  • On the affluent side are the houses in Ikoyi which are very expensive. This is because it is located in a serene  environment making it the best place to stay in Lagos Nigeria. Most available accommodations are often a whole house like duplexes and bungalows while some are two or three bedroom flats.
  • The roads in Ikoyi are well-paved and almost all social amenities are present in the area. It is an ideal place to stay for someone who is working on the Island and is also perfect for people working on the Mainland.
  • While house rent could cost as much as N5 million per year, an apartment could cost between N700 and N1 million per annum.

Ketu Alapere  Estate, Obanikoro, FESTAC Town, Anthony Village, Ilupeju Estate, Mowe/Ibafo, Omole Estate, Apapa and so on.

In most cases, getting an estate agent could be expensive, but it is very necessary. Aside from being knowledgeable about accommodation, one could be sure that he will not be duped when looking for a place to stay. Most Estate Agents have offices in almost every areas of Lagos and locating one could be very easy. But you need to know the following information about the agent:

  • How long has he been operating?
  • How quickly can he find your desired accommodation?
  • Seek the testimonies of people whom the agent has helped in the past.
  • How much will the agent charge you?


  • Move in as soon as soon as you have paid for it, unless there are massive renovations to be done.
  • Make sure that there is a signed agreement between you and your landlord.
  • Ascertain that the services that you paid for are clearly stated, for instance, if the agent said you will pay for PHCN charges per annum and he has collected it, let the Landlord be aware of this so as not to be asked the same payment again when you move in.
  •  If you will be staying late outside most of the time, let the landlord be aware of this so as to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Surely, the best place to stay in lagos, Nigeria is where you can afford and where you can go to work without any hassle; rain or shine.  And, to be able to find the best accomodation specifically for you in no time, you would certainly need to hire an estate agent.

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