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Why more Africans in Diaspora should try Online African Dating Websites


Why more Africans in Diaspora should try Online African Dating Websites

We all know at least one African person that is single and they are either looking for a wife or husband (maybe both, just kidding).  You also have probably heard them say there are no good African women or men abroad anymore. That they have all become Americanized and they would rather go back home and find someone (as if that doesn’t have its own problems).

In my experience, I have found that all the options have really not being exhausted; some of the Africans that say these things have not really put themselves out there. Meaning stepping out of their comfort zones, going out to networking events, making time and putting effort into the process of finding a partner, actually cutting down on the double, double, double, work.

 At the end of the day manna is not going to fall from heaven, your dream woman or man is not going to walk through the door and say “here I am.”  We say, “I am waiting for GOD”, well guess what?!  GOD is waiting on you to do your part! God help those that help themselves, I think we sometimes forget that as Africans.


I believe at the end of the day we are all searching for someone that will love us regardless of their ethnicity, background or if they are blue or pink, yes I know it is very important to some Africans that their partners must be African, from the same country, the same tribe, and the same village. But you have to actively put yourself out there and exhaust all possibilities before you say most Africans Abroad have become “Akata” and step out of your COMFORT ZONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

With that being said, there are many Africans Abroad  that are still very wary of online dating and don’t think is a good way to find a partner.  Despite a recent study that suggests 1 out of 6 couples meet online, again this study could be pure rubbish, just used as a marketing tactic (if you have lived abroad long enough, you will realize researches are done so that it can be used for marketing purposes, screw science!)

But the fact remains that I know 3 people that have met online and I know friends who know friends that have met online. You probably know someone that has met their wife or husband online so this medium cannot be discounted.


Does it have its up and downs? Absolutely, but what doesn’t?  I have heard people say these African online dating sites are full of people in Africa that are looking for sponsors, Africans that are just looking for booty call, and Africans that are looking for Green Card.

Well guess what? In the middle of it all there are people just like you that are looking for a real wife or husband and are not interested in the games but you have to go through all the shafts to find the real one. Is that any different from real life? Let’s say someone introduces you at a party and you set up a date with that person. After the first date you find out they are crazy, well that is the end of that, opaari! And you move on to the next person!

 Until you can say you have devoted enough time to looking for a partner and stepping out of your comfort zone I don’t want to hear there are no good African men and women abroad. With that being said here are 10 online dating sites, some are exclusively for Africans while others are geared towards African Americans.

10 online African Dating Websites

1. boasts of thousands of members and over 20 million connections in the Cupid Media network. It enables its members to use functions such as instant messaging/chat, video, and email that will promote better communication between its members: increasing the chances of finding the most interesting person that suits you. It’s easy to join, although it takes a while to view other members. After completing your profile information, your page will be redirected. The drawback is that redirecting takes several minutes, after which you will be taken to the home page and you, have to login again. Make sure you fill out your profile nicely or else your account might be suspended.

2. - allows free registration and it does not matter if you are African or not. However, they are a bit critical about the information you place in your profile. They want to make sure that people who join are who they say they are, in order to prevent scammers and spammers. It takes 12 hours before the account is activated.

3.  - you will notice that once you click on the website, it pulls up members that are in your area. The basic features of the site are free registration, text and video chats.

4. -the website is simple and has a clean background. According to the website “AfricanLove is a fast growing African dating and Afro introductions site linking the world to beautiful African women and African singles.”  Signing up is relatively easy, although it requires you to fill up to 5 pages of background information about yourself. After you complete your profile, you can start looking for people you’d like to meet. You can also immediately chat with anyone online.

5. -Soul Singles is a nice place to start searching for a future partner. What’s nice about this dating site is that you can view the profiles of the members without having to join. If you find someone nice and want to send a private message or you want to chat, you would need to login or register first. Just like African Love, registration can be a bit tedious (with five or so pages to fill out), but it is worth the effort. African Love and Soul Singles are connected, so if you already have a profile in one, you can just use your login information for the other.

6.  - what is interesting about this site is that you can send flowers and other gifts to anybody you like. You can do so by first buying credits via credit card or PayPal. You can purchase as little as 20 credits for $15.99, to as much as 1000 credits for $399. Another interesting fact about this website is that they offer the services of an interpreter incase the person you are interested in cannot speak the same language as you of course there is a fee.  Definitely some interesting features. - If you are interested in dating only people in the same vicinity as you, instead of people based in other states and countries then this might be the site for you. The site automatically detects your location based on your IP, so the homepage shows matches based on location. Registration is easy with just a 3-page sign up that is needed to complete your profile. Once you are registered, you can view the profiles of people in your area. If you want to check on people from other locations, you can edit your Groups. Under “My City Groups”, you can add new cities and find potential partners from wherever you like. - If you are only interested in dating Nigerians, then this is the site that suits your wants. You can find Nigerians from all over the world for free. After registering, you’ll be asked to verify your email first. Once you do so, you would login and complete your profile (5 pages), then you can start searching for people. The interface of Naija Planet is simple enough, and you can easily search for people you are interested in based on your similarities (interests, age, location, etc.). However, because this a 100% free dating site, you can expect to see tons of advertisements all over the page. - black Singles is a nice place to look for potential friendships and partners. You can narrow down your search to those within a few miles from you. You can also check singles from other countries. You will also be able to see who has been checking out your profile and how often. There is also a “Secret Admirer” link where you’ll learn about someone who has been consistently checking you out. You can check on the profiles even without being registered, although you will only have a glimpse of the person’s age, location and a tiny bit of self-information. You won’t be able to see the pictures unless you register and login. – as the name suggests, you will find mostly people from the country South Africa or people from the south of Africa. Most of the people on this website are living in South Africa. One cool feature about this website is that you can make and upload a video of yourself.


There you have it, I hope I have convinced you to step out of your comfort zone and explore other ways of meeting your life partner. Now it is your turn, I want you to comment below on your experiences or experiences you have heard of, regarding online African dating sites.











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