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Getting a Land in Ogun State

Getting a dream home is certainly the desire of every human being most especially by people who already have a family of their own. But, while you are still single or perhaps still planning to get married, dreaming of having your own land to build your dream house is the best thing that you can think and plan about as early as possible. In Nigeria, getting a land in Ogun State could be somehow difficult IF you do not know the process and most especially IF YOU ARE ABROAD.

Ogun State is a state located in South Western Nigeria. To the south, it borders Lagos, Oyo and Osun state to the North, Ondo to the east and Benin to the west. The state’s capital is Abeokuta which is also its largest city. For visitors coming to Ogun State after a long time, they will be surprised by the level of development in the state; chiefly Abeokola. Owing to the state’s development, investors are now trooping to in the state to get a “piece of the action”. Thus, getting a land in Ogun State could be difficult BUT it could still be done.


The question is how to search for the right land or property in Ogun State? What are the vital things that one has to consider before deciding on handing out the payment for the property? Certainly, you must first seek the help of a real state agent or at least someone who knows the ins and outs of buying a land whether you are planning to build a small or a big home for your family. If you are eying to put up a residential home and you are working in Lagos, you can look towards Mowe, Ibafo or Ogijo; these are all located in Ogun State yet they are approximately 10 to 15 minutes ride to Lagos especially if you are working around Ikeja, Ojodu, Obanikoro etc. Mowe and Ibafo are along the Lagos/Ibadan Express way, while Ogijo is situated along the Ikorodu/Sagamu road.

Sagamu and Abeokuta which are about 30 to 45 minutes ride from Lagos are also two of the best places to stay if you are coming from overseas and would want to settle in a serene environment.

In addition, if you are looking for a land particularly for a factory in Ogun State, you might also consider Mowe and Ibafo axis where the land is still low-priced compared to other populated areas in Nigeria.


For Nigerians abroad who are willing to acquire the land but do not have the time or the chance to come home, there are many ways through which they can get the land for themselves. One of the ways is to hire a real estate agent who will take care of the transactions. All you have to do when hiring a real estate agent in Nigeria is to entrust your tasks as the buyer of the chosen land. Another way of getting a land while you are abroad is to ask your relatives or close friend to handle it for you.


Ogun state Property and investment Corporation (OPIC)- You can approach the Ogun state Property and investment Corporation at either the OPIC building in Oke-Ilewo, Abeokuta or their office at Isheri, (just after the Berger Bridge) to make enquiries if you can get any available land within Ogun State. Although, it is a bit expensive (they will have all the documentationslike the C of O and the survey documentation) but it is worth the money you will be paying. Opic have estates in different part of the state and they include Ikenne, Abeokuta, Mowe, Isheri, Agbara and Ikeja, in Lagos state. It should be noted that OPIC sell mostly completed buildings in their estate. The price of each building depends on the type of building and the area where it is located. Normally, you can get a bungalow between 4.5 and 7 million naira.
Private Property Development Companies- There are so many private properties in Ogun state. They offer what we call the gated-community environment for you and your family. This is also quite expensive. Some of them sell landed properties while some of them offer completed buildings.
Land Speculators and ‘Omo Onile’ (Son of the Soil)-  Another way of getting the land is through the land speculators or what is known as the Sons of the Soil (Omo Onile). While this might sound cheaper, you will soon find out that you will also spend as much as the amount spent by those who got their land through OPIC. By the time the Omo Oniles sell the land to you, another set of Omo Onile will come to inform you that you will have to settle them; of course they will not allow you to have peace until you settle them. While you are constructing your building, another set (or the same that came earlier!) will come and inform you that you have to pay them for the construction work. Not to mention the fact that you still have to do the survey and the C of O of the Land with the Ogun State Bureau of Land.

Are you thinking of getting a land in Ogun State? Do you have a land in Ogun? Did you have any difficulties acquiring the property, if so, we would love to hear your stories.

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