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The Cost of Living in Kaduna

Kaduna is a city located in north central Nigeria. It is an ideal place for anyone who wants to live and enjoy the fullness of life irrespective of his socio-economic background as it is the capital of the state; the trade center and the main transportation center.

For a Nigerian abroad, there is no doubt that Kaduna is the best place where you can enjoy the amenities of a city and live comfortably since it is known to be a place where everything is within your means. It is a place beyond compare when the issue is cost of living, not to mention that the cost to rent a house or an apartment in Kaduna is very affordable.



You will be surprised to know how cheap the cost to rent a house or an apartment in Kaduna is. Would you believe that you can get an apartment in the heart of the city with just N250, 00? If you wish for a bigger and a more luxurious place to stay, it would only cost you about N650, 000 to N100, 000 depending on the type and size of the accommodation you want.

On the outskirts of town however, you can even get good apartments for as low as N30, 000 to N100,000. If you are going to compare the cost of renting a house between Kaduna and Abuja, the rent for a self-contained apartment in Kaduna City starts from N100, 000 to N150, 000 while in the main town of Abuja, it would cost you about N500, 00 not to mention the difficulties of looking for a self-contained apartment in Abuja.

It is ideal to rent a two-bed room apartment in Kaduna for which it only dangles between N250, 000 to N300, 000 unlike in Abuja wherein it would cost you about a million Naira. Would you also believe that a detached duplex in Kaduna town with three bedrooms would only cost you N650, 000 compared to the cost in Abuja which can go as high as N5, 000,000. This rate may change anytime as the people moving into Abuja is alarming these days.

The cost of the basic things in life are soaring most especially house rents and transportation fares, so if you are eying for a place to stay in Nigeria, Kaduna also known as the crocodile city, is certainly the best place for you. Miss Ohunene can testify to this; she said that living in Abuja almost made her run out of cash due to the high cost of living and so before it happened, she decided to move to Kaduna .

The fact is, if you are well-to-do, living in Kaduna will make you feel richer and if you are in the middle class, you can live a comfortable life just like the wealthy people in Nigeria. That’s how admirable the cost of living in Kaduna is.



Comparative Table of House rents in Kaduna and Abuja



3 Bed-RoomDuplex      

2 Bed-Room Duplex


N 650,000

N 300,000



N 1,000,000+

Please note that figures above are not statistical absolutes



Transportation is another pointer to the cost of living in Kaduna. Here, transportation is much cheaper compared to the transportation in a city like Abuja. A distance from Sabo for instance, which is a suburb of Kaduna going to Kaduna town which ia about 5km is N50, although sometimes, it may cost N70 to N100; it all depends on the availability of fuel and traffic situation. Another good example is the distance from Kaduna town to Jaji which is an outskirt of Kaduna that is about 20km is N200 while the transportation fare from Kaduna to Zaria which is roughly 75km is N400.

However, the transportation fare within the city itself and the adjoining areas is N20 to N30 only. It is undeniable that you would notice a great difference to the cost of transportation in Kaduna compared to that in Abuja. Another good example of the big difference is the cost of transportation from the outskirts of town in Abuja main city like Zuba to Wuse which is about 10km is N200 and a from Abuja main city to Gwagwalada which is  about 20km would cost you N400.

On the other hand, transportation within the city which is popularly known as “drop” is N300; it could also go as high as N500. Lamenting about the high cost of transportation in Abuja, Miss Stephen figured out that one can buy a car if one saves up the money that goes into his/her transportation allowance in Abuja. “I use to budget N30, 000 monthly for transportation fares when I was in Abuja”, she added.

Consequently, Kaduna is a place where you can live contentedly as everything is within your means. As a matter of fact, the cost of living in Kaduna is the cheapest compared to other cities in Nigeria. Where everything is affordable including the cost to rent a house or an apartment in Kaduna, what else can be better that settling in this haven where one can live comfortably and still save for the rainy days?

In addition, if you are planning to live permanently in Kaduna, you can visit the link below to see how you can build a house through mortgage in Nigeria. How to secure a Mortagage in Nigeria



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