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The Trend in Building Materials in Nigeria

People all over the world are in constant search for cheaper and better techniques in building houses. The same is true in Nigeria where one of the trends in building houses is the use of interlocking bricks.

These interlocking bricks or blocks are made from cement and dust gravel which are chiefly used for tiling the surroundings of a house, it is also often use for building patios.


•  Easy to maintain – this is the best attribute of the interlocking blocks; it stands alone. You can safely remove a piece of the connected interlocking blocks and change it with another without anyone noticing the changes at all.

•  Beautification purposes – without any doubt, anyone would admire how these interlocking blocks can make a compound or a building look amazing as it comes in various designs that give any place the ambiance of opulence.

•  Shapes and designs – these interlocking bricks are available in different shapes and the most popular is the mortal shape. You can also choose wide variety of colors such as blue, black and red in a range of designs.

•  Durable – this is one great basis why it has become the trend in building houses in Nigeria; it is very durable. Since they are made with the highest quality materials one can think of in construction (pure cement and gravel sand). It has become the favorite construction materials for paving driveway especially in Lagos Island and Ikeja.

•  Affordable – for an average builder, using interlocking blocks is the best option. The most popular color will only cost you N1, 500 to N1, 700 per dozen while other colors of interlocking bricks costs between N1, 700 to N2, 500 per dozen.


Getting interlocking bricks is certainly the trend in building materials in Nigeria. So, if you want to have a good looking compound where everyone can enjoy the great ambiance, check it out at the roadside where attractive designs and colors are often displayed for you to take a look and order.

You can also get these directly from the interlocking blocks factories. There are now several factories that are into the production of interlocking bricks due to the continuous demand of Nigerians working out of the country.

Using ordinary cement and sand is fine but if you wish to have a more sophisticated looking home with a special atmosphere, do it with interlocking blocks.


Here’s contact information if you want to order interlocking blocks:

Name: Olaleken
Address: after Academy Bridge, Imo road, Ibadan
Tel. no. 0808140390

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