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Festivals in Kaduna, Nigeria

Kaduna is a land with a rich cultural heritage; this rich cultural heritage is evident in the spectacular cultural festivals marked by various communities based on their distinct ethnic groups. These festivals are usually organized at the local level with the state support resulting in exceptional organization.


Tuk-Ham Festival – is observed annually between March to May
Afan National Festival- is marked by the Kagoro people annually every 1st of January
Moro’a Cultural Festival- is celebrated by the people of Ninzo between March to April
Ninzo Cultural Festival- is marked by the Buluku people every last Saturday of the year
Unum-Akulu Festival- is celebrated by the natives of Anghan annually
Kamantan Festival- also known as Nom-Anghan cultural festival; observed annually between April and May
Atyap Cultural Festival- is marked by the Atyap (Kataf) people and it is held on December
Batadon Festival- is celebrated by the Madakiya people on January

It is imperative to mention that these lists of festivals in Kaduna, Nigeria which are held by the various Ethnic groups in the state are mostly celebration for giving thanks to the gods of the land. Originally, they are traditional religious festivals but they have gradually changed to suit the trend owing to civilization. As a result, they are now basically cultural festivals.


One of the most prominent cultural celebrations included in the list of festivals in Kaduna, Nigeria is the Afan National Festival of the Kagaro community in Kaura Local Government Area. Due to its popularity, this event capture a national outlook as it draw people’s attention from different parts of the country; even international tourists gather to witness this amazing celebration. Usually, it is held at the chief’s palace square in Fadan Kagoro where it is celebrated with a cultural procession of all the units in the community and spectacular cultural displays.


On the other hand, the popular Zunzuk dance is celebrated in appreciation of God’s blessing on the land. Cultural troupes from other places such as the Mangil dancers of Plateau state also participate in this event, giving it a multi-cultural outlook. Aside from this, it is also known as a platform to pay tribute to the illustrious sons and daughters of its community. The chief of Kagoro presents trophies to the districts and distinguished persons to show gratitude. The festival reaches its highlights with varying displays of cultural dance steps by Kagaro youths. In addition, a football match sometimes takes place BUT largely, the aim of popular Zunzuk is to give thanks to God for the previous year and asking for more blessing to the New Year. You can actually have the best party ever with Zunzuk dance while celebrating the Afan National Festival on the 1st of January, 2012!

Anyone can enjoy these impressive festivals in Kaduna, Nigeria as the brilliant opening of all these events will surely encourage you to watch the whole celebration. Nothing can beat the true pleasure of giving thanks to God while being with friends and love ones at the same time.

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