by Shikenan Staff Writer   on Mon, September 12, 2011 
Safety Tips Upon Arrival in Kaduna, Nigeria

Planning ahead of time is certainly the KEY to an enjoyable trip. This is true wherever you want to go. So, to have a safe and pleasant trip back home in Kaduna, Nigeria, there are important things that you have to consider.


Passport -The moment you arrive at the airport (Kano or Abuja airport), never give your passport to anyone except to those uniformed personnel in the customs and immigration department. Bear in mind that our airports are full of swindlers who are always around to approach and claim that they can help you get through the system easier with their help. No matter how helpful and true they may seem, DO NOT GIVE IN! If they insist, it is recommended that you report them at once. There are many airport security personnel who are more than willing to assist you with this issue.

Baggage - Now, with regards to your luggage, do not ask or accept any form of assistance from unknown persons at all. Also, make sure that all your baggage is completely locked up.

Cab - When hiring an airport cab, make inquiries from the airport personnel first as there have been reported incidents wherein the travelers have lost their fortunes to armed robbers who have disguised as cab drivers. Thus, being vigilant will help you a lot.


Be mindful of your surroundings – Even if it is not your first time in Kaduna, it pays to be alert all the time. There are a lot of changes in Kaduna with the spate of bombings and underground killings. So, be on the guard and remember the safety tips when planning a trip to Kaduna Nigeria.

Avoid crowded places – The saying “curiosity killed the cat” still proves itself true. So, do not be driven by your own curiosity to enter any unknown areas where there are clusters of people. Many people did not make it to tell a story. Always bear in mind that Kaduna is a city with crawling religious fanatics so be wary!

Avoid making unsolicited and unguarded remarks – Being careless can cause you a lot of trouble. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you think first before speaking. Do not be involved in any open argument especially when the issue is politics or religion because these matters have always been the root of upheaval in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Be extra careful when using public transportation – Some bus drivers are mobster and mischief-makers. If you noticed that the bus driver looked like one of these hoodlums, do not ride. You can always check his body language and eye contact with the bus conductor.

Report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities – Be a good citizen of Nigerian; report any security problem to the police for your own and your countrymen’s safety.

You can be perfectly safe in Kaduna IF you do the right thing. So, the next time you visit Kaduna, plan beforehand. This will surely make your vacation memorable and lots of fun!


If you have any other safety tips that you would like to share, we would certainly like to hear about it.

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