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Traveling Around Nigeria by Flight

For Nigerians living abroad who have not been in the country for a long time, getting from the Nnamdi Azikiwe Internatinal Airport Abuja could be a herculean task but thanks to the helpful airline services operating in the domestic wings of the airport, things have become easier nowadays. So, if you are traveling around Nigeria by flight, you must take some time to budget your time as well as your money by checking on the flight schedules of various airlines according to their rates.


DANA AIRLINE- operates with four major cities in Nigeria with a total of 22 flights per day; Uyo, Abuja, Lagos and Kano. All you have to do is book your flight to the city nearest where you are going.




Abuja to Uyo

11:10 am

20,500 Naira

Uyo to Lagos

12:50 pm


Abuja to Lagos

DAILY for as many as 10 times/day

22,000 Naira(economy class)

36,000 (business class)

 Note: Rates depends on the time of the flight (for the economy class)

ARIK AIRLINE- flies to over seven cities in Nigeria. Information gathered from the desk of Arik Airline at the international terminals and corroborated at the local terminal of the ANnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja reveals the following information:




Abuja- Uyo

11:10am DAILY

20,500 naira

Uyo to Lagos

12:50 pm

20,000 naira

Other routes covered include:



Abuja to Lagos

22,000 Naira for economy class

36,000 for business class

Abuja to Illorin

17,800 Naira

Abuja to Gombe

18,000 Naira

Abuja to Port Harcourt

of 22,000 Naira

Abuja to Calabar

for 20,000 Naira

Abuja to Benin

21,000 Naira

CHACHANGI AIRLINES- is also another domestic carrier and flies from Abuja to Lagos. According to the Chachangi Airline desk located at the domestic terminals of the Nnamdi Azikiwe, The departure time to Lagos Airport are 8:30 am, 11: 45 am, and 3:30 pm at the rate of 19,000 naira for economy class and 27,000 for business class.



One beautiful thing about these airlines is that they allow a prospective flier to make bookings online. These bookings can be paid for with MasterCard or Nigerian ATM cards. With these, you can get a relative to make the bookings online for you and have them forward the ticket to you online even before you get to Nigeria, all you need to do is present the printed ticket at the airline you’ve booked and exchange it for your real ticket.


According to information received at the protocol desk of the domestic wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, flights for most of the airlines can be booked online or at the following venues in Abuja: Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Transcorp Hilton Hotel and Nanet Suites. The rest of the process can be completed at the booking stand of the airline at the airport.




Cheaper Rate- One of the greatest advantages of booking online is that you get the tickets at a cheaper price compared to when you visit their stand to purchase the tickets.

Fast and Efficient- With online tickets, you don’t need to go to the airline stand to line up; all you need to do is pay for the tickets from the comfort of your home and merely go to the stand at the airport to exchange them. For someone coming from abroad, this will be a good thing as you might be tired and jet-lagged, but if you already have your e-ticket with you, getting on the next local flight will be as simple as ABC.

Checking In- It is also worthy to note that flight schedules are not fixed just as in other airports around the world because flights are subject to weather conditions and other technical factors. Meanwhile, passengers are expected to be around the main hall of the airport to listen to announcement according to one of the IT staff at the protocol desk beside foreign affairs protocol desk at the international wing, who spoke on grounds of anonymity, passengers are expected to remove their shoes, belt, jacket and all metallic objects and place their luggage for checking and that only dignitaries are authorized to come through the departure C entry/Exit points, where the checking is done on arrival at the Airport to Abuja

Changing Your Money- There are Bureau de change at the airport, all you need to do is to visit their stand and change your money. Although some Bureau de change charge higher exchange rates than others, the passengers are free to go around the different stands and compare the different rates being offered to ascertain which one is the best place to go after. However, you might want to go outside (if you are familiar with the airport) and approach the Hausa people who change money outside the airport.


Are you one of those Nigerians who have experienced traveling back to Nigeria after a long time? Did you find booking online advantageous than having to go out; book and buy your ticket in one of these travel agencies? Join us by leaving a comment below about your experience while traveling around Nigeria by flight during your vacation.

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