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Traveling to Nigeria| How to avoid Excess baggae fee

Travelling to Nigeria is a very fun and worthwhile experience. Whether you are going for a nice mini  vacation or  to take care of some business, travelling to Nigeria  is just a nice experience everyone should look forward too. However, as we all know when travelling  to Nigeria, we worry about our luggages and  we weigh and weigh  so that we don’t have to  pay those expensive airline baggage fees. Even worse is  the reshuffling that happens when we get to the airport  because we are 1 pound over the limit. Well, If you want to save yourself from all the luggage drama when going to Nigeria, you might want to consider getting yourself a nice portable digital luggage scale  to effectively weigh luggages ahead of time.

Most Nigerians before travelling  weigh their luggage using home equipments such as kitchen scale for small packets and bathroom scale for their larger luggages. However, using a bathroom scale is sometimes impossible. You have to get on the scale with your luggage then subtract your weight from the overall scale weight. If you are on the heavy side like some of us, you might not be able to find a bathroom scale that can accommodate your weight and the weight of the luggage.  Not to mention that airports all over the world charge differently when it comes to excessive baggage fees.

Advantages of using portable travel scale:

  1. Knowing ahead of time-  you will be able to know exactly how much your luggage weighs and  how much money you will be spending for those luggage and bags if they are overwight. At least, you will not be surprised  at the airport when  you are asked to pay an extra  $100  for excess luggage.
  2. Coming back from Nigeria– if you plan on bringing  back  with you tons of things from  Nigeria such as clothes, food and other things, using portable travel scale will  let you know the exact weight of your luggage. Now you don’t need to do a guessing game on how much your baggage weighs, the device gives you precise measurement all the time.
  3. For packing stuffs and items – if you often send things abroad via courier, using your bathroom scale to weigh nifty boxes can give you inaccurate results. Using your kitchen scale on the other hand for big boxes might ruin your beloved scale. Whereas using hand held scales gives you the convenience of measuring up to 100 pounds in one single and easy to use device.

Consumer Reviews
To prove its usefulness to consumers or travelers, here are some real consumer reviews about this portable digital luggage scale:

  •  Luis M. Maciej said “This is an excellent product. It is very useful and easy to use. Can be brought along everywhere”.
  • Kjlkarebab said “My whole family and I love these, so conveniently made! We used these for making sure our luggages were under the maximum weight limit and sure enough these are accurate measurers”.

Travel Scales - Overall Description
Travel scales are easy and very convenient to use. They come in various shapes, sizes, allotted weight limits, designs, features and all others but the main attribute boils down to one point and that is the ability of the device to weigh your luggage conveniently and effectively. This portable travel scale will help you avoid not just the inconvenience of paying  excess baggage fee but moreover the amount of money you spend just to cover up those extra fees. It has the following features every traveler will love such as:

  • Capacity to weigh maximum of 50 kg
  • Sleek design in black color
  • Tare/zero function
  • Unit selection of kg and lbs
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto shut-off
  • Overload protection that warn users in a buzzer sound
  • Automatically holds the weight and beeps when it is stable
  • Powered by two AAA batteries
  • Can be used as a measuring device with its convertible strap
  • Comes with reset button

Portable Digital Luggage Scale – The Device
This portable digital luggage scale comes in a sleek and simple design. Only three buttons are present that gives it an overall look that is simple and very straightforward. This fact is that it is very easy to use especially for un-techie consumers, as  devices with many buttons will definitely scare them off. Facing the device you will see three buttons, one for power which is indicated by the universal logo of power and comes in red color, button for unit, and the last one for reset functions.

The size of the screen or LCD is just perfect, not too small but not too big. It is housed in a high quality black plastic material with a generous handle so users can firmly hold the device when in use. The strap is moreover attached to the side of the unit and a triangular metal hook holds it in place. The strap included is meant specifically for weighing luggage but it can be replaced with fishing hooks for measuring other things.  

Overall, portable digital luggage scale is a small device yet packed with great features everyone will truly enjoy. It measures accurately and sells online for a couple of bucks. Not only  will it  help you save money by avoiding extra airport luggage fees but you can also use it to measure several things other than bags.

So when planning your next trip, try using the portable luggage scale.

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