A Look At The African Route Of Spices

African spices are an essential part of almost all African meals. Most of the spices that are native of Africa are known to have distinctive tastes and fragrances.

African spices are derived from plants and especially from the roots and barks of these plants. These spices are a perfect wedding present to a newly married African couple.

Even those living away from their native homeland will definitely appreciate such a welcoming gift. In fact, in most African cultures, kitchen and household items are considered the perfect wedding gifts.

Most African spices are grown and harvested by local farmers and the accessories used to prepare these spices are normally made by local artisans. The different African spices and cuisines are as diverse as the people of Africa.

Zanzibar plays a major part when it comes to the study of the African spice route. It has a history of spice, slavery and trade. Since those very many years, it still remains a popular historical country that is visited regularly.

Zanzibar was originally ruled by Arabic landowners who introduced the plantation system. They used Africans as manual laborers to cultivate spices in these plantations.  Since that time Zanzibar, is one of the African countries that is still famous for spices.

Some of the spices that are a source of income for this exotic island  are pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. These are predominant spices in this African country that are easily exported to other African countries.

The African food prepared with these African spices is tasty, colorful and bold. Africa is known to offer a unique brand of cuisine which was originally influenced by the early Bushmen and Hottentots.

The La Kama is an example of African spice which originated from Morocco and spread to other parts of Africa. It contains ingredients such as ginger, black peppercorns, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg to form a mild African blend of spice that is used in most African recipes.

It is normally added to stews but can also be rubbed on meat before cooking to bring out that unique taste. Harrisa is another example of an African spice most common in the Northern part of Africa.

It comes out best when rubbed in meats and seafood before they are cooked. It can also be used in soups and milder condiments. It contains several ingredients e.g. garlic, olive oil, caraway, coriander, cumin, chile peppers etc.   These African spices bring out the real African taste in most of their recipes.

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