Africa The Continent With Unique Traditions And Cultures

Africa which is considered the cradle of civilization is home to some of the earliest societies on earth and as such it has been preserved as a land full of rich cultures and traditions.

The continent has not only been blessed with a myriad of cultures and traditions, but it is also very rich in natural resources, attractive landscapes and sceneries all thanks to Mother Nature.

These varying traditions add color to the African continent. However, over the last few years the western world has played a great role in the lives of African youth. Most African traditions face an unpredictable future as modern technology is starting to influence traditional African practices and lifestyles. Many people are now turning away from their culture and traditions for conventional and convenient lifestyles.

Each country in Africa has a unique culture of its own. These cultures differ in the daily living and lifestyles, dressing styles, the way they prepare their meals, forms of punishment to crime etc.

One very common thing with most African cultures is that an African child born and brought up in a rural setting is looked upon as a child of the whole community. Disciplining a child in not left to those who are of the same blood relation with the child but rather to the whole community.

In a traditional African setting the work of the woman was to take care of the family and homestead while the man was looked upon as the sole provider. However, the developed world and the hard economic times have changed much of this.

The other setting of most African cultures and traditions that has now been overtaken by events is the issue of polygamy. The man was allowed to take as many wives as he could but this is gradually changing.

Religion is playing a major role in this field.  Some of the African traditions and cultures that are here to stay are circumcision, rites of passage, paying of bride price, traditional practices surrounding birth, wedding and burial ceremonies.

Different African cultures celebrate these ceremonies very differently.  However, they are not as colorful as they used to be several years ago. Some practices like female circumcision are harmful and everything is being done to kill them. Any tradition or culture that has damaging physical or psychological effects is being wiped out.

There are still some cultures that believe in prearranged marriages. What is even more shocking is that it is common in some cultures for a girl to be engaged immediately she is born.

Divorce on the other hand was not very common in the traditional African culture. What happened was a discussion between the aggrieved families to try and come up with a solution to the misunderstanding.

Last but not least, the African culture is known for their music and dancing abilities. Music and dance are very important in the African culture as it is possible to know the origin of a person by the way they sing and dance.

The Africa continent is a land defined by a wide religious diversity. There are some ancient religious traditions; some are Christians, Muslims or Hindu. It is this diversity that makes the Africa a beautiful continent.

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