African Beauty Products – The African Black Soap And Its Benefits

The African black soap is one of the African beauty products that are gaining popularity due to its many benefits. It is brown in color with no scent and no preservatives. Most consumers have now realized the benefits of using biodegradable and natural beauty products.

The African black soap is made from the ash of locally harvested barks and plants of coco pods, raw Shea butter and palm oil. These raw materials are available in most West African countries like Togo, Mali, Nigeria and Ghana.

The ingredients in the African beauty soap are sometimes different depending on what African country the beauty soap is made. The one made in Nigeria is known as Dudu Osun Soap and it contains wild honey which makes it best in smoothening and soothing your skin. It also contains palm bunch ash, lime juice and glycerin.

The African soap made in Ghana is known as Alata Samina and it is made from cocoa pods or the shell of the cocoa fruit.  This African beauty product has several emollients and vitamins that work well on your skin by deep cleansing, gently exfoliation and moisturizing it.

The plantain skins give the African beauty soap iron, and vitamins A and E. This leaves your natural skin healthier and fresh all day. It is therefore a healthy addition to your beauty regime. The soap is also good for the treatment of skin blemishes like acne and black heads, dark marks, spots and also helps to even out your skin tone.

The African black soap is also a perfect hair care product. It is also a good in relieving rashes, softening rough skin, helps in bumps and sports and dealing with scalp irritations. The soap is also known to remove any wrinkles from your skin thus delaying aging. All these benefits make the African soap a healing beauty product.

This soap is best used with warm water. It can be used by people of all age groups even babies and the elderly since it has no side effects. You do not require a prescription to use the soap since it is an all natural beauty product.

The soap offers its users UV protection due to its high Shea butter content. It is also perfect for removing make up.

The secrets and methods of making the African beauty soap have been passed on from generation to generation in most African cultures.  Most Africans have maintained and enhanced their natural beauty using this product and they continue to reap its immense rewards.


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  1. Justin smith says:

    Yes! it’s a magical product from Africa. I have used this soap on my hair after seeing couple of reviews and it actually worked for me. My hair is now healthy and strong.

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