African Custome Jewelry – A Unique And Elegant Choice For Every Woman

African jewelry history dates back to the 15th century. The oldest African jewelry – the shell beads were discovered in a cave located on the coast of South Africa. Tribal jewelry has over the years played a major role in most African cultures.

Several years ago African jewelry was made from natural materials like resin, horn, bone, seeds, ivory, wood, animal teeth etc. African jewelry history reveals that jewels were then used as a medium of exchange as well as for personal adornment.

Africans used cowries’ shells as a form of money. In fact cowrie’s shells were extremely valuable to Africans and they were even used in religious ceremonies.

African beaded jewelry have a unique creation. Beads now represent the latest fashion trends and in fact most of the hottest jewelry designs are made of beads. Beaded jewelry has for a long time fascinated and enthralled beauty conscious people all over the world.

Most African cultures have a common belief that African beaded jewelry carries protective auras and elements. These jewelries  come in a variety of shapes and designs depending on its country of origin.

Each African tribe has their own form of exquisite African jewelry where most forms of African fashion jewelry are made from semi-precious stones. Some of these are copper, brass, gold and several others. They are made by hand by African rural dwellers.

These beautiful African jewelry come in different colors like yellow, pink, green, black, blue, white etc and all of these have different meanings. Most of these colors carry both negative and positive meanings. West Africa is one of the African regions where people have a great value for jewelry and especially the beaded types.

West African jewelry mostly comes in circular designs. The most common type of women’s jewelry today is necklaces, earrings and bangles. A woman’s choice of jewelry says a lot about her and also depicts her fashion taste a great deal. Dressing up without jewelry and especially earrings is considered incomplete.

This is because women’s jewelry gives the woman an elegant touch. Jewelry comes in a wide variety of designs, materials, sizes and shapes all to suit different women’s tastes and preferences.

A woman should choose the jewelry that has a matching effect to their outfit.Women should be keen when choosing jewelry and should be very much guided by the occasion that they are attending. Make sure that you do not look out of place because of a wrong choice of jewelry.

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2 Responses to African Custome Jewelry – A Unique And Elegant Choice For Every Woman

  1. Tania says:

    The necklaces displayed in the photo above are beautiful.
    I’ve just returned from Tanzania and purchased a few stunning beaded necklaces.
    The work that goes into creating the pieces is fascinating.
    I watched the Maasai Mama’s making jewelry, very talented.

    • Shikenan African Staff Writer says:

      Hey Tania,

      You are absolutely right. I have seen the Maasai artists at work and their completed art works and jewelry always makes me appreciate their talent and humility. They are very humble. I hope you had a wonderful visit to Tanzania and just to let you know that we will soon be launching our online store here at Shikenan where you can buy such jewelry from different parts of Africa. Stay tuned for that.

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