African Food: Do you Crave eating Clay – 10 Facts About Calabar Chalk/ NZU

Here are 10 Facts About Calabar Chalk/ Nzu:

  1. Clay-eating, the practice known as geophagy or geophagia.calabar chalk
  2. Calabar chalk, also known as calabar stone or Nzu is a type of chalk sold in traditional stores and markets.calabar
  3. Historically, clay eating (calabar chalk) has been associated with treatments for cholera and bacterial infection.calabar
  4. Calabar Chalk may include 100% Natural Ingredients, and No Harsh Laxatives and are non-FDA reviewed or approved, natural alternatives, to use for Toxic Build-Up, and Diarrhea.calabar
  5. Calabash chalk is not a conventional food, but is eaten by some pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness.calabar
  6. It is traditionally used by women in the Nigerian and wider West African community.calabar
  7. Calabar Chalk is also used as facial masks and soaps.calabar
  8. Calabar chalk is eaten for various reasons including Religious beliefs, medicinal purposes or as part of a regular diet.calabar
  9. Calabar Chalk is used in Nigeria to beautify or decorate traditional cultural dancers.calabar
  10. Calabar chalk serve as alternative medicine supplements and vitamins.calabar


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2 Responses to African Food: Do you Crave eating Clay – 10 Facts About Calabar Chalk/ NZU

  1. julianah says:

    I have just been introduced to Calabar chalk and would like to know if there is any side effect to it and what it does to you as a person. is it medicinal, vitamin or poisonous.
    could you please get back to me on the above email address.
    My concern is because is got some stone in it and just worried if that could not lead to appendix inside one stomach.

    Thanks for your help.

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