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Yams – A Delicious African Food

Yams are considered to belong to the group of potatoes. However, yams have higher moisture content than potatoes. Their skin is like that of tree barks and harder than that of ordinary potatoes. The inside of yams is white however, … Continue reading

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Value Of Color And Symbols In African Clothing

Color and symbols have great value in African clothing. African people do not just randomly pick their clothes. Color has a lot of symbolism among Africans. For example they wear dark colors to funerals. The most common solemn colors are … Continue reading

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The Unique African Art And Culture

Africa is a continent that is rich in unique art and culture. The African decorating theme is increasingly gaining popularity all over the world. African art works are used perfectly in decorating your home. You can hang a large piece … Continue reading

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Unique African Spices For African Food Recipes

Africans make use of unique spice blends in their cooking. Spices and herbs have been used in the African tradition since time immemorial. These spices are meant to add flavor to their staple foods e.g. seafood, lamb, chicken, couscous and … Continue reading

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