Celebrating Heritage And The Evolution Of African Clothing

Clothing styles and designs express a lot about who the Africans really are. However, legend has it that the early man clothed himself with leaves. It is believed that African fashion and design originated from animal hides and fur. However, today, African designs have found their way to international fashion ranks.

Africans celebrate their African heritage with a variety of styles that have a rich and varied history. African clothing has a versatile and dynamic way of bringing out the true Africa taste of fashion and design. Different regions in Africa dress differently and in fact most of them are identified with their unique dressing styles.

Most African clothing is made from silk, flax, raffia palm, jute, etc. Natural dyes are often used to come up with unique hues of the many available colors. The climatic conditions prevailing in a country determine the designs worn in that particular region a great deal.

Tribal influence is another determinant of African styles and designs. The western part of Africa has a unique African fashion that is spreading to other countries very fast. West Africans have amazing African clothing designs for various occasions.

If for example you want to have an African themed wedding, you can get a wedding jewelry for the groom, bride or even for the entire bridal party the African way. There is a wide selection of such outfits that mostly include Yoruba styles, Asooke, 100% cotton prints and even Guinea Brocade.

If you are looking for an evening outfit, you can very comfortably make a statement with the wide variety of African elegant evening attire. These include the tie and dye fabrics, Dashiki, and also the 3 piece styles. All these come with beautiful sophisticated embroidery.

African designs are not left out when it comes to clothing for work and play. There are several designs of stunning 3 piece versatile African designs and also the 2 piece embroidered blouses that are designed with matching pants.

There is also something for the African man. African men stand out in the elegant outfits that are made with attractive embroidery. They come with a hat, long sleeved buba and pants.

There is also a wide choice of African clothing meant for special occasions. These designs often consist of 4 piece designer hats, long sleeved shirt, Agbada and pants.

All these also come with matching embroidery done the African way. This proves the Africans are way ahead as far as fashion is concerned.

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