African Food: CRAYFISH




Here are some facts you should know about crayfish:

1. Crayfish is a freshwater variant of the lobster.

2. Over 350 species of the 500 crayfish species of the world live in the United States.

3. Crayfish walk forward; they move backward only when swimming with their abdomen movements. Still, swimming backward is much more rapid.

4. Adult size is reached by crayfish in the wild in about 4 years. They can live from 20 to 30 years.

5. Crayfish molt at the end of June. They usually eat their old skeleton in order to recover the calcium and

6. Phosphates contained in it. In fact, on the sides of their stomach, crayfish have two limestone grains, filtered from the water, which serve for impregnating the new forming skeleton with calcium.

7. Crayfish are extremely sensitive to diseases like crayfish pest and plague.

8. During the breeding season, males fight for the right to copulate and, in these competitions; they may lose a leg or claw. This is no problem, as they will slowly grow back.

9. There is a species that is blue. It is called a Blue Crayfish. There are also red and white crayfish.

10. The presence of crayfish in the water is a sign of lack of severe contamination. Crayfish cleanse the water of detritus and carrion.


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