Enjoy The Amazing Shea Butter Benefits Today

What is Shea butter? Shea butter which has it origins in Central and Western Africa is extracted from the karite tree fruit. Shea butter has long been used by  Africans for centuries and it is now among the most sought after skin care and hair products.

To obtain Shea Butter the Shea fruits are picked, par boiled and later they are sun dried for about one week. This is meant to dehydrate the nut. The fruit is then crushed to obtain the butter.

Shea butter benefits are numerous. It is edible and is even sometimes used as a substitute to cocoa butter. It is a natural and healthy moisturizer which makes it popular with baby product manufactures.

When used in baby oil, Shea butter effectively prevents diaper rash. Other Shea butter benefits include its effectiveness as a skin conditioner and it also helps in the repair of wrinkles.

The vitamins A and E in Shea butter also help keep your skin healthy. The cream is also used to make paper tissue soft. The African Shea butter has other amazing benefits which makes it a valued skin care emollient. It has unsurpassed therapeutic properties.

However, the unrefined African Shea butter is the most beneficial. Africans have used it since time immemorial in ceremonious rites. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant.  It also works wonders to patients with arthritis and rheumatism.

The pure African Shea butter which is also referred to as the African wonder, is effective in fading stretch marks and scars. It helps keep women’s skin supple and elastic. It is also used in lessening irritation and several other skin disorders.

The pure African Shea butter is also used as a conditioner for wood and leather.  Women also use it to revitalize, condition, fight dandruff and prevent hair breakage.

The latest trend in women’s beauty products is the whipped Shea butter.  It is a soft luxurious cream with a soothing effect to dry skin which makes it very popular with women the world over.  It is very gentle and none irritating.

The other good thing about Whipped Shea butter is that it melts faster when it comes into contact with your skin. This makes it absorb easily leaving you with a soft and smooth skin.

Having known what is Shea butter and its many benefits, I am sure you are wondering where you can buy Shea butter. The good news is that this and many other skin care products are going to be available at our soon to be launched online store.  Stay tuned for our launch!

If you are not already using Shea butter, it is time you joined the many Hollywood celebrities who maintain their beautiful skin with the African wonder.


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