Enjoy the Nigerian Belly Warming Fufu Recipe

The Nigerian belly warming fufu recipes are a mash of yams which can be mixed with other starches depending on one’s individual taste. It is normally served as an accompaniment to vegetables or better, still meat stews.

This recipe is served by placing a large ball of the mash into an individuals serving bowl. The stew can either be put around the mash or in a separate bowl.

The traditional way of eating fufu recipes is by pulling a small ball of this sweat mash with your fingers and then forming an indentation with your thumb which you will use to scoop the stew.  The following is one method of preparing this mouth watering dish.

Fufu Ingredients

  • Place your unpeeled yams in a pot containing water and bring to boil for about 15-30 minutes or until tender. Drain the remaining water and let it cool.
  • Peel the cooked yams, chop them into large pieces and place into another large bowl containing butter, salt and pepper. Mash the yams until you get a smooth mash.
  • Place the mash in your serving bow and form a large ball with your clean wet hands.
  • Serve. There are variations of this recipe depending on one’s individual taste and liking.

Of all African recipes, the West African recipes are the most authentic. Fufu is one of the most delicious West African recipes with no Muslim or colonial influences.

One very prominent feature of most West African food recipes is that they use okra and peanut for thickening their traditional stews. Peanut is usually used in the form of peanut butter. Most local stews use traditional greens or meat.

Most West African food recipes have tantalizing tastes and exciting aromas. This is the reason why most Africans living in the Diaspora have retained their traditional African food recipes and cooking styles.

The recipes are as diverse and varied as the thousands of African cultures and tribes. However most of these foods are prepared with the same basic ingredients and are rich in spices.

Some of these spices are hot while other have unique flavors.  Modern technology has also aided in lessening the time taken to prepare most African food.

Most African foods are taken both as a perfunctory and for their medicinal value. The foods are prepared with spices and herbs that will help your body to cope with several challenges for example gestation, puberty, lactation and aging. Fufu is just one of the many tasty African foods you can enjoy.

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