Herbs That Treat Stress, Depression And Anxiety

Today more than ever before, a large number of our population is suffering from stress. The causes of depression, anxiety and stress are far much individual and in most cases it depends on ones ability to defuse and solve the problems.

However, the most common causes are the unstable economies which lead to people having super high levels of debt, death of a loved one, chronic illness, divorce, loss of job due to redundancy or otherwise and several other factors.

Stress is so dangerous and if left unattended to, it can result in depression, insomnia, heart problems or other negative health conditions.  People who are much stressed also experience mood swings, anxiety, migraines, substance abuse, bad nervous habits, increased sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels etc.

The good news is that apart from conventional medications all the above conditions can now be cured with herbal treatments. Many African herbs are very effective and the patient is sure of getting no side effects.

However, pregnant and breast feeding mothers should fully consult before starting any herbal or any other form of treatment. The following are some of the very effective herbs in the treatment of stress.

Griffonia simplicifolia is an African plant which is used to help treat insomnia  depression, anxiety, migraine etc. The passion flower and valerian are herbs that are very effective in supporting the patient’s brain and nervous system. They also help reduce anxiety and give the patient sleep.

The Kava Kava is another herb that will help stressed persons gets some relaxation. The unique features in this herb relax the muscles of the victim and also help them get sleep. The stressed victim can also be calmed down with valerian which relaxes their nervous system, relieves spasms and any tense muscles.

The other very powerful medicinal herbs are blue skullcap and the all very common skullcap. These herbs help in restoring the patient’s mood during the time that they are stressed. It is also effective in treating people with epilepsy, mental disorders, hysteria and several other diseases.

The list of African herbs that are used to treat stress is endless. Most of these herbal remedies are relatively affordable even for people living on a stretched budget. Never at any one time should you allow depression to sneak up and take over the control of your life. Remember that when this happens, the consequences are usually great.

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