Shea Butter The African Wonder Beauty Product

Africa is a continent endowed with a wide variety of products that help in the making of beauty products. Shea butter is one of the most celebrated products in Africa. It is an extract from the Shea nut seed and is commonly referred to as the African wonder.

It has its origin from the Western and Central parts of Africa. The tree takes several years to mature. This African Wonder product has a pleasant nutty aroma. Due to its high cost Shea Butter is used sparingly in boosting the effectiveness of African Beauty products.

It has several benefits in enhancing the African woman’s beauty. One of the most effective uses of Shea Butter is in treating stretch marks and fading scars which are major beauty concerns with most people and especially women. Shea Butter acts as a moisturizer and an emollient.

Shea Butter is also used as a conditioner for wood and leather. The constant use of Shea Butter will revitalize your hair and thwart any more breakage. It also helps reduce sunburn pain and also helps soothe cracked, dry feet and hands. It works wonders in young babies and in persons with sensitive skin. The hair is known to recapture its original softness and elasticity.

Africa is a continent of many preserved cultures and traditions. Shea Butter is used in these tribal ceremonies. Notable benefits of Shea Butter are uncountable since it is also used as cooking oil.

This African Wonder product can be used as a source of medication. Using 100% of this product will act as a very effective anti-inflammatory and will also reduce irritation for most skin disorders like rashes, psoriasis and several more.

It is also used as a softener for cuticles making it easier to remove them. All the above benefits clearly explain why shea Butter has been used in Africa since time immemorial.


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