African Food – Some facts about bitter leaf


African Food – Some facts about bitter leaf

1. Bitter leaf, technically known as Vernonia amygdalina, is a traditional ingredient in African cuisine.

2. Adding bitter leaf to your diet may reduce your risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, according to the University of Texas.

3. Bitter leaf can reduce bad and total cholesterol.

4. Your body’s cells are under a near-constant assault from a harmful process known as oxidation. Bitter leaf is an abundant source of oxidation’s nemesis. The researchers add that the antioxidant properties of bitter leaf make a healthy disease-fighting addition to your diet.

5. Those who consumed the greatest amounts of bitter leaf have a 40 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Bitter-leaf can be very helpful in maintaining the livers optimum health to release bile acid every time people eat fatty foods.

7. Bitter leaf cures kidney related diseases.

8. Bitter leaf grows in any place and temperature and they flourish anywhere they grow.

9. Every part of the bitter leaf plant is bitter starting from the leaves to its roots.

10. Bitter leaf not only lowers the body sugar level sufficiently, but also plays a role in the repair of pancreas. Squeeze ten handfuls of fresh leaves in 10 liters of water and consume two glasses of solution thrice a day for a month

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