African food – Ten Facts about Ogbono

Ogbono improves and control diabetes

African food – Ten  Facts about Ogbono

1. Ogbono is actually good for health, and weight loss, but when used to make soup, what determines the calorie content is actually the additives in the soup, your PALM OIL and all that.

2. The scientific name of Ogbono seed is Irvingia gabonensis.

3. Ogbono seed is now being sold abroad, as a drug for weight loss. They have converted it to powder form and put into capsules, and it is being sold as a weight loss drug!!! A bottle of about 120 capsules is sold for fifty dollars or thereabout.

4. Ogbono is a kind of soup thickner.

5. Ogbono is the seed/kernels of the wild (bush) mango tree (Irvingia gabonensis or Irvingia wombolu).

6. Ogbono improves and control diabetes.

7. Ogbono Lowers bad cholesterol.

8. Ogbono can be eaten raw or roasted.

9. Ogbono can be pressed to produce an edible oil (solid at ambient temperatures) or margarine which are used for cooking.

10. Ogbono can serve as a purgative, for gastrointestinal and liver conditions, for hernias and urethral discharge.


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