Take A Hot Delicious Breakfast The African Way

In Africa, the first meal of the day varies from country to country. Breakfast in most Southern African countries is defined by both European and American setters. The colonizers have left their imprint on the breakfast table of most Southern African countries.

In urban areas, English and American breakfasts, which include eggs and bread, usually dominate the breakfast table while breakfast in North African countries consist of coffee or tea and bread made from sorghum or even millet.

Most African countries are fond of including traditional recipes in their breakfast. Such recipes are very healthy and energetic. In Eastern and Western African Countries, breakfast is a much simpler affair with many people choosing to include bread in their meal.

Most African countries normally make their breakfast depending on the ingredients that are readily available in each particular region. Some of these ingredients are cassava, millet, rice and corn.

Such ingredients are popular in most African markets and shops and are used in the making of a delicious gruel meal commonly referred to as uji. Fruits like bananas and coconuts are also very common since they are largely prevalent in most African markets.

Here are a few examples of the type of breakfast you will find in a some selected regions. In Nigeria you are almost certain to get a very popular meal known as moyin-moyin in almost all homesteads.

This is made from a mixture of skinned, ground beans with mashed tomatoes, peppers, meats, eggs, and spices. It is then placed in an aluminum can, and later steamed in a pot. Wait for it to cool before serving. This can be eaten with uji or rice. For an even tastier treat, you can fry it to get akara. Try it, you’ll love it.

In Egypt the land of Pharaoh, breakfast is commonly referred to as ful medames . This is considered a national dish in the country and it has been taken since time immemorial.

To get this on your table you will need slow-cooked and mashed fava beans, olive oil, garlic, chopped parsley and lemon juice. This sweat African dish can be eaten with baladi (or pita) bread. Falafel is another popular breakfast treat that you will want to taste the next time you visit Egypt.

Ethiopians on the other hand break their morning with firfir which includes shreds of the staple flatbread, injera and several spices. These are only a handful of tasty breakfast meals that can be enjoyed in Africa or anywhere  as long you can get the right ingredients to prepare them. Try them out, i am sure you’ll love them.

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