Traditional African Clothes

Traditional African clothing come in vibrant colors and they are mostly worn by the indigenous African people. They are made in a variety of styles and colors that range from earth tones to indigos.

The clothes are also made in several designs for example the flowing kaftans and the African queen outfits. In some cultures the African attire is being slowly replaced by western clothing. Most traditional African clothing has now adapted a more  modern African clothing style for the modern person but it still retains the traditional African wear characteristics that are very distinct.

The history of African clothing dates back several decades. For example in North Eastern Africa and Egypt in particular, the traditional attire was very much influenced by the Middle Eastern culture.

An example of their attire is the Jellabiya which is common in the Gulf States.This outfit is similar to the Senegalese kaftans, the Dashiki and the Grand boubou. All these African outfits are worn prominently.

This traditional African attire shows off the African culture and also highlights the various tribes in Africa in order to express the diverse traditions of the African people. They also reflect the religions and status of the African people.

Some of the traditional outfits that you will find in the African clothing stores are the mud cloth which is a beautiful cloth that has its origins in Mali. It is made from hand woven cotton and carved bamboo.

There is also the Korhogo cloth with its origin in Ivory Coast and several other West African countries. There is also the Ewe cloth which is very much similar to the Kente cloth. This attire  is meant for clients who have class and deep pockets as it is made of silk and rayon.

The other African attire is the African Tie and Dye which is very popular in Yoruba, Gambia and Senegal. The colors of this outfit are modern but with a traditional colourful touch.

West African clothing and jewelry has gained popularity with several people from other parts of the continent and the world as a whole due to is colorfulness and flashy appeal. Kente cloth is one of the most popular textiles in West Africa.

It is very famous for it geometric designs which come in a variety of colors. It is a national treasure that is normally worn on particular functions.

Since President Obama was elected to office, several people have increased their interest in the African people’s way of life and their traditions. Most people have started celebrating the African heritage by wearing the different versatile and dynamic African styles.

You too can get African attire for yourself and experience the heritage and pride of the African people.


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