Traditions In Africa

Africa is the second largest continent after Asia. As a continent, it is extremely popular. Most people who are interested in Africa want to learn more about its traditions. If you think you have heard of all of its unique and interesting traditions, it is probably because you have not visited Africa. Many popular traditions in Africa are related to weddings.

There are several wedding traditions in Africa. Nigeria happens to have one of the best wedding practices in the world. Before a wedding happens in Nigeria, there are certain rituals that must be performed the evening before the wedding.

At engagement ceremonies, elders drink palm wine and invite the bride and the groom to have a sip of the same. Friends and relatives are not left behind as they drink corals and eat nuts. After the ceremony, the bride goes to her father’s house to finalize the preparation for the final day.

The groom’s family comes to her home and here, he receives her parents’ permission to take the bride home. The neighbors in the village then sing and dance throughout the night in celebration.

Kenya also has a number of interesting wedding practices. In the Kikuyu community, before being allowed to marry, there are many procedures that must be followed. First, grooms have to send elders to the bride’s family to report of their interest.

The bride’s family can either accept the request or make a condition that the groom pays a certain amount of dowry. If dowry is not paid, the groom will not be allowed to marry their daughter.

In Somalia, it is even more interesting. There, a man is allowed to marry as many as 4 wives so long as he can financially support them. Just like many African countries, Somalia weddings are taken as a big ceremony.

Women ululate; young men dance and jump while the bride is escorted to the groom’s hut on the finest horses. The hut’s entrance is beautified with traditional crafted leaves and praise song are sung.

That said, the most common thing with African weddings is that they involve the entire community and prospective brides and grooms must satisfy the community to receive their blessing for marriage. The food available at these occasions is also very appetizing.

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