Yams – A Delicious African Food

Yams are considered to belong to the group of potatoes. However, yams have higher moisture content than potatoes. Their skin is like that of tree barks and harder than that of ordinary potatoes.

The inside of yams is white however, this might depend on the type. There is no doubt that the popularity of this sweat African food is spreading to most parts of the world as can be seen by the many people who are taking a liking to this traditionally nutritious food.

Yams also allows your body to burn off any excess stored fat stored has stored in it system. They are a powerful carbohydrate that Africans normally add to other regular diets and a good food you can use to build your body muscle.

Other advantages of this food is that it has a high healthy nutritional content that also helps  your body to preserve its energy levels.  Yams are also good  for people who are loosing weight since it boosts weight loose due to its fat burning abilities. It is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

However, it is not advisable to eat raw yams since they can be harmful to your health as they may contain traces of  the harmful substances that are used in the growth of the food.

The best yams are those that have no blemishes and also those whose skin is not wrinkled. It is also important to know that fresh yams are firm. Moreover, yams should be kept in a cool, dark and dry place but should not be refrigerated.

However, you can refrigerate the cooked yam in order to keep them fresh for at least three days while uncooked yams can last for more than two weeks.

Africans cook different meals with yams including soup recipes. To make yams sweater and more delicious you can season it with salt, black pepper and garlic. The soup can be served with your normal dishes including chicken.

A number of Africans consider yams as perfect holiday side dish. It is liked for its warm comforting texture, sweet festive tastes and its mood that reminds most people of the precious childhood holiday memories.

The other very major reason that make yams a popular dish with most Africans and consumers from the rest of the world is its low food cost, durability and the great feeling of fullness that its gives to its consumers. Why not include this food in your meal plans and see for yourself its  nutritional benefits.

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