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Menu Tab Description provides insightful and valuable information for Nigerians living abroad. It is a platform for Nigerian immigrants, established and new, who would like to know and stay in touch with the Nigerian community abroad, while also staying up to date on the latest happenings in Nigeria. The information provided here mainly aims to offer useful resources that will help Nigerians in this journey abroad. Ultimately, our goal is for Nigerians aboard to learn, share, and progress.

We understand that settling abroad can be unnerving, and that the best help we can give overseas is good guidance. We provide new Nigerian immigrants with just that — step-by-step information on beginning the journey abroad, with resources on how to start the immigration process or how to transfer credits from Nigerian universities to information on Nigerian associations and organizations to join.


Life Abroad
Living abroad is a great learning experience. You can explore opportunities and experience new things. It can also be overwhelming at times. We provide a platform for sharing these experiences with your fellow Nigerians. With, whether a seasoned  immigrant or a new one, you have the advantage of learning from others’ mistakes. By sharing your experiences, you can help fellow Nigerians during their journey in a foreign country.


For Nigerians living abroad, provides information specific to visiting Nigeria. Whether it is updating you on the latest changes in Visa requirements while traveling to Nigeria or developments in the any of the airports, from Lagos Murtala to Abuja International, we cover it all. We also provide you with safety tips for visiting after a long hiatus, all so that you have a pleasant visit and don’t feel like a stranger in your homeland.

Nigerian Real-Estate
It’s no secret that many immigrants wish to invest in property in their own country — it’s about leaving a legacy behind. Many, of course, just want to stay updated on the housing scenario back home. shares the latest trends and opportunities in the Nigerian real estate market. How much would it cost to build a house in Nigeria? What is the best way to go about building a house in Lagos? Is there any information on renting an apartment in Port Hartcourt? provides you with information on the real estate scene: the latest trends, the best properties, and articles on housing in Nigeria.


Business in Nigeria
“All progress is change but not all change is progress.” Cities and towns change drastically in a year’s time. Mindsets and technology change all the time. Nigeria is currently considered a great place to invest. As a Nigerian, you probably have a mind to invest in businesses in Nigeria, but may be unsure because you don't have enough information. At, we give you that information so you can stay abreast of the business opportunities, investment opportunities, and the latest industry trends in Nigeria from Lagos to Kaduna.

Shikenan Nigerian Directory
Feeling nostalgic about home on festive occasions? Looking for an African store, a Nigerian association, or an African church? Take a moment to go through the Shikenan Nigerian Directory, a list that helps you find a little of Nigeria in the US. The directory is a comprehensive list of all the business that specifically serve the needs of Nigerians abroad, from African food stores around the country to Nigerian associations.

Shikenan African Shop
A few years back, regular access to African products in the comfort of your foreign home was unheard of, but with technology and globalization today, it is just a matter of a few clicks.  Shikenan African Shop is a virtual marketplace for buying African food, African beauty care products, African regalia, and so on. Show your pride for your Africa. We also have African fabrics and African fashion accessories. If you ever asked for a comprehensive African store to serve your needs in one place, you got it.


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